The Gym-Bottle with straw

You are looking for the ultimate bottle for your workout at the gym?

The Cap2Move gym bottle with straw is your ideal companion for strength and endurance training. Your companion to your workout and training at the gym.


As a bottle for endurance training

 This bottle is particularly suitable because it provides 0.75 liters for water, electrolytes and shakes. Two bottles make up 1.5 liters and should ensure sufficient fluid supply for one to three hours of endurance training.

The Cap2Move drinking bottle is with its approx. 100 grams extremely light, particularly robust, has sufficient volume, offers you several cool functions and fits into most cup holder.


As a drinking bottle for strength training and weight lifting

 The Cap2Move bottle is the first choice as it is ideal for training electrolytes as well as shakes afterwards. With this bottle for fitness, you can enjoy drinks comfortably and casually use with a eco friendly straw for a better hygiene.



The Cap2Move Gym-Bottle is the ideal companion

for your workout at the gym or elsewhere.


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€ 19,90


€ 19,90


€ 19,90