The ultimate bottle for an action lifestyle

The Cap2Move water bottle for fitness, bike and hike, is a completely new and intelligent bottle for sports and leisuretime that provides an optimal and efficient supply of refreshing drinks for all sports and leisure activities.


The bottle with a drinking straw

Ideal for Fitness, Bike and Hike

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  • - For with or without drinking straw
  • - Best hygiene
  • - Easy cleaning
  • - Increased drinking experience
  • - Versatile application
  • - Suitable for dishwasher
  • - Recyclable and reusable

Inclusively 50 pcs. eco-friendly straws.


This bottle for sports is of course BPA-free and is produced in Austria according to EU quality standards. The cap2move bottle for fitness, bike and hike, can be optionally equipped with an eco friendly drinking straw. Even with a straw, this bottle remains spill-proof and therefore ideally suited as the ultimate water jug during fitness for endurance  and strength training as well as to your sparetime.



Conventional water bottles offer nothing new.

The Cap2Move is practical, inexpensive and innovative.


Get your Cap2Move bottle with straw

"Buy 2 pcs. and get free-shipping in the EU"




€ 19,90


€ 19,90


€ 19,90