The sportsbottle with eco friendly straws


New and absolute revolutionary!

The most eco friendly straws are 100% biodegradable and made from natural wheat.

The eco friendly straws made of POT are 69% bio-based (sugar-, corn- or potato-starch and fibers), completely biodegradable and quickly compostable in industrial composting plants.



 The environmental friendly and ecological Straws make a decisive contribution towards reducing strain on the environment.

  • - Biodegradable straws are 100% BPA- free and 100% free of plasticizer.
  • - Guaranteed free of oil, eco friendly straws contain a high portion of starch obtained from various non-genetically modified plants.
  • - These eco friendly Straws are perfectly suitable for all soft drinks and shakes up to 95 °F.
  • - Our Eco-Straws are available in the color black, in the dimensions of 6x270mm without flex part.
  • - Best before 18 months
  • - Store them in dry environment
  • " Drink with style"


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€ 19,90


€ 19,90